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In our websites use own and third party cookies to maintain session and your preferences, customize the user experience and get statistics web usage. When browsing our site, you consent to the use of cookies in our cookies policy described below. This policy may be updated so we recommend you consult it regularly.

What are cookies?

Cookies are files that Web pages stored in the user's browser that visit, necessary to provide a web browsing advantages in providing interactive services.

What kind of cookies we use on websites Dominama?

We use session cookies for technical purposes, strictly necessary to maintain the operation of the Site. Navigate the page and use its essential functions. For example for maintaining session. These cookies do not store any personal information or collect any information about your browsing that can be used for marketing or remembering why browsed pages.

We also use Customization cookies that allow the user to customize some features such as the navigation language, so we can offer a better browsing experience more suited to your profile.

How to uninstall cookies?

Major browsers have options for blocking and removing cookies, but the process may differ from an Internet browser to another and therefore, we pray you head out the instructions provided by the manufacturer of your web browser. For mobile devices, it is also common that the browser supports these options in the Settings section. However, note that if you decide to set your browser to reject our cookies, we can not keep your preferences and some pages may not be available.

Utilizamos cookies propias y de terceros para mantener la sesión y tus preferencias, personalizar la experiencia de usuario y obtener estadisticas de uso de la web.
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