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About us

Experts in new technologies, we find in them the best way to cover all projects. Increasing productivity, reducing costs and opening new avenues of business, encouraged us to offer our services to other companies, they had clear that his bright future is in preparing this.


Each project is a new challenge and I assume with enthusiasm and responsibility. Our philosophy focuses on achieving the two main objectives of our company:

  • Total customer satisfaction
  • Permanence of our projects

We establish a close relationship with trying to get involved so in your project ends for considering us as an important part of the client. We developed a protocol that includes aspects such as:

  • Custom solutions
  • Single contact with the project manager
  • Reduced costs and increased productivity
  • Anticipation and creativity
  • Standard integrable systems with other third sistemsa

Knowing the client and their needs enables us to continuously introduce different options and multiple solutions. Collaborate in finding new business opportunities and seek permanence of our projects and lasting relationships.


In Dominama bet for talent as a differentiator. Is our team who distinguishes us from the competition. Our analysts, consultants, designers and programmers work closely together to find solutions.
Our team, consisting of creatives, designers and software engineers, collaborates with clients to optimize their processes and provides them with tools to measure.
We cover the entire process for developing tools and processes adapted to new technologies.

New technologies

We understand that the incorporation of new technologies represents a quantum leap in business management at all levels:

  • Worker-Management Relations
  • Company-Customer Relationship
  • Company-Supplier Relationship

To support that effort with the incorporation of new technologies involves adding values differentiating our company as strengthen our image and increase our visibility. Dominama Análisis Tecnológicos SL, emerged as a result of this idea and convinced that our capaciadades can help our customers work in that direction. Dominama offers its customers paltaformas management, information, communication or mobile.